Straight Erotica

Taken While She Slept
Taken While She Slept (M/F, Sleep Sex, Dubcon) – Whitney knows that Scott has the hots for her. She’s made it clear time and time again that he has no chance with her whatsoever. Not to be daunted, though, Scott helps her through a six-pack…and, once she’s drunk and horny, the true feelings come out. If only she could stay awake long enough…!
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Thankful For You (Romance Erotica): Jake and Allie have been friends for years and have been teasing each other in a way that people who grew up together probably shouldn’t. That teasing comes to an end, though, when Allie catches him with a porn magazine in the woods on Thanksgiving day…and something new and unexpected develops between them. Will they be able to explore their relationship?
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Milk Therapy (M/F, Lactation)
Milk Therapy (M/F, Lactation): Violet has a problem with money; she spends impulsively and far too much. Her exasperated husband sends her to therapy at a place where addictions are removed physically…through the breasts! Will lactation be able to rid her of the secret desires and obsessions in her heart?
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Carnival Girl Fuck (M/F, Public)
FREE! Carnival Girl Fuck (M/F) FREE!: When Adrian is guilted into a trip to the carnival by his brother, he’s sure it will be a boring waste of time. Things change when he meets a spicy dark-haired vixen named Serena. With her help, Adrian realizes that the carnival isn’t so bad after all!
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Ravaged by Contract (Billionaire Erotica)
Ravaged by Contract (M/F, Breeding, Billionaire): Amy’s life at the brothel comes to an end when she meets Andrew, the billionaire with an unusual request: unimaginable riches in exchange for an heir to the family fortune.
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Plundered Booty (Reluctant Dubcon Pirate Erotica)
Plundered Booty (Reluctant Dubcon Pirate Erotica): When Carmen’s obsession with the occult lands her an amulet of protection, she thinks that she can do no wrong – until, of course, it’s stolen from her. The magic that made her lucky transforms her into the willing slave of its new holder…and Andrew knows full well how to use that power to his benefit!
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My Wife's New Lover (Adultery Cuckold Submission Erotica)
My Wife’s New Lover (Adultery Cuckold Submission Erotica): Libby takes her husband to the bar…but goes home with Mark, a much more impressive man. The erotic taboo is heightened as Libby’s husband stays to watch his unprotected wife be dominated by another lover!
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Special Delivery (M/F, Billionaire)
Special Delivery (M/F, Billionaire): Under normal circumstances, Jenny’s drunken antics at a company party would have gotten her fired. When the CEO hears the things she said about HIM while under the influence, she’s brought before him…literally!

Cumming Home For Christmas (M/F, Christmas)
Cumming Home For Christmas (M/F, Christmas): When Mark stops at Alina’s Cafe for a latte, the last thing he expects is for her to take him up on his offer to walk with him. Alina doesn’t want him to be alone on Christmas, and the pair of them need no mistletoe for the games they’re going to play!

Waiting for You (M/F, Pseudo-Incest)
Waiting for You (M/F, Pseudo-Incest): Sam knows that Mandy will never return his feelings, but that doesn’t stop him from longing for his stepsister. A drunken admission at a party, though, changes both of their minds – and the pair of them go on to see just how close two people can be!
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